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Arthritis Knee Pain - Instant Non-Invasive Solution

If you've suffered with back pain you may not realize that one leg may be slightly longer than the other. By placing a simple orthotic insert in your shoes, back pain may be relieved. A simple solution. These same orthotics may help sufferers of arthritis in the knee (knee osteoarthritis, or OA). A recently released study investigated if full-length lateral-wedge insoles worn inside shock-absorbing shoes would diminish the joint pain and stiffness while improving knee function of patients with bow legged knee OA (osteoarthritis). After only four weeks of wearing the insoles, study participants had significantly less pain, less stiffness and better functioning overall.

It seems that there is a growing body of research that shows osteoarthritis has a biomechanical involvement -- meaning the structure of one's body (alignment) is related to the body's function (movement), which may, in some cases, even cause the disease. In medial knee osteoarthritis (bow legged alignment) there is an increase in pressure to the inner part of the knee called the medial compartment. And lateral knee osteoarthritis (knock kneed alignment) will place too much stress on the lateral compartment of the joint. As a result, the cartilage becomes overloaded and degraded, resulting in a knee that is quite sore and painful. With specially designed shoe inserts, the extra weight load can be shifted and balanced over the entire joint, thus reducing pain and preserving whatever cartilage remains. There are also specially designed knee braces, lightweight and comfortable, that can help knee osteoarthritis as well.

Arthritis Knee Pain  --  Caused by BOW LEGS?

Apparently biomechanical problems are common in people with bow legs. Leg length discrepancy can produce even more subtle biomechanical differences. In a study that involved 3,166 people in North Carolina (6.4% who had a leg length difference), researchers found that a leg length difference increased their risk for (arthritis)osteoarthritis in both the knees and hips.

One way you can tell is because the legs on their pants hang differently. Knee arthritis patients may also feel pain while standing, walking or running. It's important to identify a possible body mal alignment (bow legged, knock kneed, limb length discrepancy or excessive foot pronation) as early as possible in order to avoid problems later on. If you suspect you have such a problem, perhaps because you are experiencing unexplained knee or hip pain, he advises seeing a health-care professional who is trained to detect and treat biomechanically related problems such as knee arthritis or knee osteoarthritis -- same thing. These specialists  are called orthopaedists, rheumatologists, physical therapists, physiatrists, podiatrists and orthotists.

Proper footwear is of the utmost importance, especially for people with osteoarthritis in their knees. Find footwear that is comfortable, naturally, and look for shoes that come in a variety of widths, to be sure yours fit properly. It's important that they should be shaped to the natural contours of your foot, and have good cushioning to absorb mechanical shock. Fashion may have to come second, in this case, but the payoff in greater body comfort will be well worth it. A pedorthist can provide excellent advice for footwear needs.

You can buy knee braces, foot orthoses and shoe gear "off the shelf" or have it custom molded. The appropriate health-care specialists can help you decide which are appropriate for your condition. Custom-molded technology generally fits better, but will cost more. Don't skimp ion money here when it comes to the good health of your feet and knees. you may get rid of the arthritis knee pain forever. And naturally too!

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