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Arthritis Pain Relief - Nurse's Simple Home Remedies To Relieve Arthritis Pain


These are just a few of the arthritis home remedies and treatments that arthritis sufferers have sworn worked for them.  Most have an anti-inflammatory effect.  There are many ways to achieve arthritis pain relief. Before you take any supplements, you may want to check with your doctor. I found that the best arthritis pain relief is a permanent radical change in the diet to all living foods.  Eating a raw food diet will eliminate all osteoarthritis pain.  This is the best and fastest short-term and long term approach to get rid of arthritis pain.


Remember that supplements contain isolated chemicals that are not working in conjunction with other chemicals and nutrients as they are in their natural state.  So the degree of absorption, if any is questionable and different supplements from different manufacturers may have varying degrees of absorbability.


But here are the tips that others have reported working for them with my comments.


1.  MSM (Methyl-sulfonyl-methane), take 1,000 mg. twice a day to reduce the inflammation which causes the pain some report.


2.  Fish oil or cod liver oil which contains the omega 3's.  Use a good brand that contains no mercury - 1,000 mg. one to three times per day is supposed to help lubricate the joints and thus relieve the pain.


3.  Many people report that glucosamine sulfate is good for supporting the joints, 500 mg. twice a day. However there are many different brands with many different absorbability reports. And many people have reported it not working for them.  There also may be an elevation of blood pressure some reports say.


4.  Drink one quarter cup of black cherry juice a day or take one tablespoon of concentrate in water have had excellent report say many.  The best juice would be raw not pasteurized but that is difficult to get.  This may take awhile to work but good for the health.  Some report that it irritates their stomachs so take with plenty of water and perhaps with food.  Make sure the cherry juice is unsweetened. Some people eat dried unsweetened tart Montmorency cherries and achieve the same effect.


5.  To reduce arthritis pain, make sure to get plenty of minerals in the diet naturally.  Eat plenty of fruits and raw veggies, several servings of day. Make huge green salads, with good greens, not iceberg lettuce.


6.  Eat coconut anything. Of course, opening a fresh raw coconut you can get from the Asian groceries is the best.  Put the coconut meat in a smoothie and drink the coconut water.  Second best is eating coconut anything.  Coconut in any form when heated will not destroy the good nutrients. It is from a tropical climate and made to endure hot temperatures.  


7.   Some say to drink radish juice.


8.   Helpful foods that have been reported include avocados, bananas, cherries, greens, and raw nuts soaked overnight to remove the enzyme inhibitors, such as walnuts and pecans, however all living foods, not cooked foods will help. All cooked foods are acidic and inflammatory and can aggravate the joints. Most all, living or raw foods are alkaline and anti-inflammatory.


9.    Some swear by apple cider vinegar. The vinegar should only be a RAW apple cider vinegar like Bragg's. And be careful using apple cider vinegar as it is an irritant to some stomachs.


10.  A fad arthritis home remedy is the gin-soaked raisins method. Soak the raisins in gin for a week. Eat six raisins at bed time. Maybe the alcohol is absorbed into the air by then. Alcohol is a neurotoxin and is inflammatory and should not be ingested.


11.  Some say the old remedy of Edgar Cayce's works for them - rubbing the affected joint with castor oil each morning and at bedtime.  Make take a few days to work.


12.  Keep moving. Moderate exercise will reduce stiffness.


13.  Some report they take burdock and yucca for inflammation and swelling.


14.  Some report lobelia extract, halibut oil, or cayenne extract (cayenne cream) can help alleviate pain and speed healing when applied to the affected area. Be careful about any supplement or cream you don't fully understand.


15.  For severe pains in joints some have reported they have used garlic externally - warm up the affected area with a hot towel and then rub the juice of the garlic very slowly on the area.  The juice of the garlic can be extracted in a clean coffee grinder or other kitchen appliance.


These are just a few of the many osteoarthritis and arthritis home remedies and arthritis treatments and arthritis diet suggestions floating around the Internet.  Use your best judgment before trying any, that may be harmful, for arthritis pain relief, and get the advice of your doctor or naturopathic doctor.


copyright©2008 Helen Hecker All rights reserved. No permission is given to copy or reproduce this article in any way or in any form. 







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