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Arthritis Pain Relief and the Disease Process of Osteoarthritis

To  get the arthritis pain relief you're seeking it's helpful to understand how arthritis works.  Here is a fairly easy explanation of the disease process of arthritis and will give you some help understanding arthritis and therefore helpful in your search for arthritis pain relief.

Osteoarthritis slowly develops when cartilage in a joint deteriorates.

In the early stages the surface of the cartilage, or sometimes the synovium in some people, becomes inflamed and swollen. There's a loss of proteoglycan molecules and other tissue components that cause water loss. Fissures and pits appear in the cartilage. 

As time goes by and more tissue is lost, the cartilage loses elasticity and fluid becoming increasingly prone to damage due to repetitive use and injury.


As more time passes large amounts of cartilage are destroyed, leaving the ends of the bone within the joint unprotected.

To add to it  the bone around the arthritic joints is not structurally normal. Problems are likely develop in the bone as the body tries to repair damage to the cartilage.

Some of the things that can happen then  are:


Clusters of any damaged cells or  any fluid-filled cysts may form around the bony areas or near the fissures.


Fluid pockets may form in the bone marrow itself, causing swelling. The bone marrow, which runs up through the center of bone, is rich in nerve fibers and any injuries may be an important source of pain in many osteoarthritis sufferers.


Also bone cells may respond to damage by multiplying, growing and  forming dense, misshapen plates around exposed areas.

At the margins of the joint, the bone may produce what are called, outcroppings, on which new cartilage cells called chondrocytes proliferate and grow abnormally.

It's important to stop this arthritic process to ward off the ongoing damage and resulting arthritis pain, making one seek out arthritis pain relief. I  hope this information was helpful in understanding the disease process of osteoarthritis (arthritis) and why arthritis pain sets in.  It'll help in your ongoing search for arthritis pain relief.



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