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How I Completely Cured Myself of Arthritis!

by Helen Hecker R.N.

For many years I experienced arthritis pain in my left knee and in my fingers.  Bike riding was difficult, my knee would ache.  Short walks caused major fatigue.  Fibromylagia was also a major problem.  I endured many years of muscle aches and joint pain, bordering  disability. I hobbled around and was exhausted much of the time.

Then in 1999 I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  This was a big blow and I was already plagued with a multitude of medical problems. Later I discovered I also had celiac disease, a genetic condition (gluten intolerance). This is an intolerance to wheat, rye, barley, spelt, triticale, and kamut, etc.

To cure myself of breast cancer, I decided to turn down all conventional therapy. No surgery, no chemo. no radiation, no drugs.  On my own, I started juicing carrot juice in a juice extractor and drank a quart and a half a day (I drink two glasses a day now).  I ate only living foods-- tons of fruits and veggies, some raw nuts and seeds, every day. My breakfasts were and are loaded with several fruits for example.  I make tons of fruit-only smoothies and huge salads.

Anyway within a month-- hard to believe, but my fibromyalgia AND arthritis pains were completely gone and have never returned.  Not to mention, the breast cancer disappeared and I am still in perfect health today.

I eat no dairy, no meat, no pop, no coffee,  no alcohol, nothing cooked, packaged, or  processed. Just tons of fruit and veggies, nuts and seeds.  That's it.  At this writing it was more than seven years ago  now when I changed my diet. 

I have tons of energy.  I only need five hours sleep a night. Play tennis, hike etc, and I'm a great grandmother.  Haven't taken a pill of any kind since before the diagnosis in 1999.  I never get sick.  No flus, no colds, etc. 

Naturally I am a fan of living food as a cure all for just about every medical ailment.  I don't have any.  Everything is perfect and has been.  No heart issues, no cholesterol issues, no high blood pressure, no osteoposis, etc.

Changing my diet was the pivotal factor in ridding myself of arthritis once and for all. It may sound like a radical change, but I can honestly say-- changing my diet saved my life! And I cured myself of arthritis without any other treatment.

Thought I would add all this for those of you interested in changing your diet and who want to get rid of arthritis and arthritis pain once and for all.  I am living proof that it can be done and relatively fast too.

copyright©2007 Helen Hecker  PLEASE NOTE: No permission is given to copy this in any way. All rights reserved.

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