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Keep Fit While You Sit

Keep Fit While You Sit

For people with physical limitations from any type of arthritis -rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis, ankylosing spondilitis or any other, limited mobility, have little or no use of the lower body or seniors -- exercise safely from a sitting position & have FUN too!

Our "Keep Fit While You Sit"  exercise & fitness DVD or video shows you how to easily have a good fitness workout from a sitting position safely, & have fun too no matter how much you may hurt from arthritis or any other disabling pain or disability.

Even if you don't like to exercise! Exercise from a wheelchair, armchair, bed or any chair. You set your own pace so you'll never feel uncomfortable. Good for seniors, anyone with disabilities or any kind of handicap, rehabilitation patients & others who are disabled.

Exercise is just as important for disabled people, if not more so, as for anyone else. It's essential to maintain good heart & lung health through aerobic exercise, as well as reducing the risk of osteoporosis. Proper exercise increases circulation, enhances spine & limb mobility & increases strength & flexibility, thereby reducing pain.

Easy to understand, our "Keep Fit While You Sit" exercise  fitness DVD is designed to teach & benefit people with all types of lower extremity weakness, handicaps or disabilities, mobility challenges, seniors, & any man, woman or child, who wants a slow or slower-paced exercise video or DVD.

You can work with or without an assistant & with or without a wheelchair. No fitness equipment is needed. No exercise bikes, no recumbent bikes or stationary bikes. 

The aerobic fitness workout consists of arm exercises, torso exercises, neck exercises, shoulder exercises & exercises of core areas. It's designed to improve cardio-vascular endurance as well as increase upper body muscle strength. 

And seniors will find the safe, slower pace & type of exercises from a sitting position, easy to do!

It features a professional aerobics fitness instructor, an actress with physical disabilities & two disabled athletes. The other participants all have various disabilities or handicaps or need a slower pace.

If used in a cross-training program, the instructor recommends wrist weights to give additional resistance during the aerobic cardio-vascular portion of the program.

The "Keep Fit While You Sit" exercise & fitness DVD was developed by a man who was disabled in a handicap van accident. He wasn't able to find a good exercise DVD for people with disabilities or handicaps.

The easy exercises were carefully put together & thoroughly tested by an expert in the field who is a long-time licensed physical therapist.

Regular workouts will increase all levels of fitness & guarantee an overall health benefit which will benefit any type of arthritis, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. These exercises will make it easier to get in & out of handicap cars or handicap vans, or use handicap lifts, handicap ramps & wheelchairs. It'll also make transfers easier. Plan your own daily fitness & exercise program by using our excellent high quality, exercise  fitness DVD.

Be your own personal fitness trainer! Get started now! 

With excellent music and high quality production, it's endorsed by the American Paralysis Association. 

Always check with your doctor before beginning any exercise program.

Approximately 45 minutes. 

Only $29.95

Shipping: $7 U.S. , $8 Canada

Orders ship the same day.

Also available on (VHS) video. 

 Order "Keep Fit While You Sit"  DVD

Email: twinpeak @ pacifier.com (delete spaces)

The fastest way is to just email us at the above address with "keep fit" in the subject line and we will send you an invoice from PayPal. Fill it out and email it back per the instructions and we will send out the DVD. You do not have to have a PayPal account. You can use your credit or debit card. Or you can send a check to the address below.

If you are in Canada go through the above email instructions.

Call 800-637-2256 to leave email address or if you can't email your email address for any reason or for any other information. 

Send checks to:

Twin Peaks Press

P. O. Box 8

Vancouver, WA 98666


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